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Meet The Team:

Kandu Fitness has a team of expert coaches on hand to get you to where you want / need ot be as easily as possible. Combining years of experience in fitness, nutrition and running successful programs our coaches welcome you and look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Coach Dan

Coach Dan (aka DJ Hizzle)

Coach Dan has been a member of Kandu Fitness for over 3 years and is recognized as one of the hardest working athletes at the gym. His passion for exercise and training is unmatched. Dan was a founding member of the Kandu Elite Program, and has continued that passion into coaching.

Dan took the less traveled root in coaching by completing an extensive internship under the direction of Coach Dave to ensure his coaching is top notch. With over 1,000 hours coaching classes at Kandu Fitness under his belt he continues to strive to improve his coaching methods. He has built a solid reputation as a friendly and accommodating coach that people just want to be around.

Outside of the gym, Coach Dan is the owner of Werd Werx, a performance car company that focuses on the modification and transformation of 4th Generation Honda’s. During the summers you’ll see Dan posting on Facebook with his prized “Frankie”, (a highly modified 4th generation Honda Accord) from car shows around California.

Coach Dave

Coach Dave

Award winning strength and conditioning coach David Pollitt is a true expert with more than a quarter century of experience in the fitness & sport industry. Born in Canada Coach Dave has a degree in Physical Education, is a graduate of the Olympic Academy of Canada, and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with distinction from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). In sport coaching, David holds a Level-4 certification from USA Hockey and an Advance Level from Hockey Canada. He has professional coaching certifications in Olympic Weightlifting (both in Canada and the USA), as well as a master coach level in Cross Country Skiing from Cross Country Canada.

As part of his experience Coach Dave has participated in several national level internships and worked with hockey academies and at the college level while coaching thousands of players at all levels of hockey in person and/or online. His online coaching business (www.dphockey.com) is one of the most sought after resources for quality off-ice hockey training.

Coach Dave has actively disseminated his knowledge with over 30 articles published in peer reviewed journals, magazines or in his online blog. His signature book DRYLAND has sold over 2,500 copies and is widely considered by experts to be the definitive book on off-ice training for hockey players.

Previously David has served as an assistant editor for the Performance Training Journal, and as a peer reviewer for the Strength and Conditioning Journal.

David currently is the owner of Kandu Fitness LLC in Orange County, California (www.kandufitness.com) where he leads the direction of training for hundreds of members and has taught more than 4,000 classes since opening in 2012.

Away from the gym Coach Dave enjoys lifting weights, playing rec hockey, hiking, golf, tennis and inline speed skating. Recently he has started taking Judo with his young son E.

Coach Cristina

Coach Cristina (aka Cristo)

Coach Cristina has been a member of Kandu Fitness for over three years. Living a healthy lifestyle through cross training and good nutrition has become one of the most important parts of her life, so much so that she has become a coach through National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT), and followed that up with an intensive internship under Coach Dave. Coach Cristina has now been teaching classes at Kandu for over a year and has developed a following as an inspiring leader and tough coach.

Kandu Fitness is practically her second home. If you don’t see her at the gym, you may find her at her day job (Cristina is a special education Kindergarten teacher in Buena Park and she holds a Master’s degree in education). She also spends time with her dog (Jackson), family and friends (both in person and via FaceTime to Peru where most of her family live). Cristina enjoys hiking, running, watching movies and traveling.
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