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Why Yoga?

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Because yoga helps you achieve a more balanced body. I know what you’re thinking: “But I’m not flexible,” or “I already workout and stretch.” There are those who say, “I’m not fit enough yet,” or “I’m already fit and yoga is boring.” Well, it’s time to dismiss the excuses and try it already because YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE. That’s the beauty of yoga. There is a style of practice and sequence of postures to suit everyone. No matter who you are, yoga meets you where you’re at – whether you’re an athlete or just beginning a fitness routine.  Variations in [...]

Tabata Intervals

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From time to time I’m asked by Kandu members if they should be doing any extra cardiovascular training away from the gym to help speed their progress. Depending on their goals and level of fitness I generally agree that including some form of outside activity will be beneficial to helping achieve their goals. As I prefer quality training over quantity of training where possible, one option for including some helpful cardiovascular training at a minimum investment of time is Tabata Interval Training. Based on the 1996 study at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo by Izumi Tabata [...]
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