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Why Yoga?

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Because yoga helps you achieve a more balanced body. I know what you’re thinking: “But I’m not flexible,” or “I already workout and stretch.” There are those who say, “I’m not fit enough yet,” or “I’m already fit and yoga is boring.” Well, it’s time to dismiss the excuses and try it already because YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE. That’s the beauty of yoga. There is a style of practice and sequence of postures to suit everyone. No matter who you are, yoga meets you where you’re at – whether you’re an athlete or just beginning a fitness routine.  Variations in [...]

Lovin’ the Mud Run’s

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Mud run’s are awesome!  What’s not to like when you combine fun challenges, great people, and lots of mud into a 4-6km run?  From our previous mud runs here is a quote from “mud skipper” [AKA Kandu member Derek]; “So much mud!  What a fun time, the foam bath made me feel like a car at a car wash.  The Gladiator Training Program (GTP) at Kandu Fitness really prepared me for all the wall/rope/mud scaling and the run itself was a breeze!  So much fun!!!  Salute the Colonel [aka Coach Dave].” This year we at Kandu Fitness plan to do [...]

Coach Dave’s Green Shake

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During  the previous Body Transformation Challenge (BTC), I was asked by several people “what’s in your green shake”?  This healthy, vitamin-and-mineral-packed shake provides me the energy I need to coach classes every night at full speed.   From a nutritional standpoint,  it has 46 grams of high quality protein, three servings of vegetables, and one serving of fruit.  With so many options to customize this shake you simply can’t go wrong when using this as mid-day meal or pre-workout shake.  I mix everything in a blender and drink in a Nalgene bottle topped with ice. Here is the standard list of [...]
Blog article 1, Drinking Water

Adequate Hydration

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Every day our bodies require a minimum amount of water in order to maintain a proper level of hydration. The body uses water for many communication functions such as transportation of hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients which leads to the following health benefits when properly hydrated: Increased digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients Enhanced oxygen availability at the cellular level Greater detoxification of the body More perfect cell replication According to the Textbook of Medical Physiology the total water weight in a human being ranges between 45% to 79%. Of course many things play a role in the amount of [...]
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