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Here you will discover some of our greatest Success Stories... You can be the next, You Kandu Fitness!


One of the best success stories to come from Kandu Fitness is the career of hockey player Kayla Nielsen. Long before Kandu was around, she started playing roller hockey at age 5, and transitioned to ice hockey by age 8. By age 11 she turned to Coach Dave along with her older brother Bryce to help them get to the next level in hockey.

Year after year they both came to the gym two to three days a week, and followed a strict dryland program at home (extra sprints, slideboard training, gym based workouts, etc.). During this period Kayla has excelled.
Sunshine came to Kandu Fitness in 2013 looking for a place to get into shape, feel better and improve the quality of her life. One of the most dedicated members Sunshine hits it hard each workout 3-5 days per week and has dialed in he


Sunshine (1)


Success Stories: Jessie

Jessie is an executive secretary with an Oil and Gas Company in Anaheim. A long time ballet and tap dancer from the age of 6, Jessie competed until she was 20. In 2012 she was ready for something new and on the advice of a friend joined Kandu Fitness.

In the 4 years that Jessie has been a member she’s seen a host of body transformations from increased strength and conditioning, to an increased metabolism and fat loss. In 2014 Jessie was part of the Kandu Elite Program where she trained extensively under Coach Dave as she worked on her lifts and conditioning. During workouts she consistently seeks improvements and is often does one of the hardest workouts of the day (a combination of more using weight plus going really fast).

Now going into her 5th year at Kandu Fitness Jessie is looking to continue the healthy lifestyle, stay solid on her nutrition and keep kicking butt!
Success Story: Mike

I had been pretty active growing up playing sports all my life. During high school I played baseball and basketball, and I even joined adult leagues throughout college. After college I would still play every now and then but not nearly as....



Anna Valencia

Success Story: Anna Valencia

Anna is a professional model, actress and reality TV star. She came to Kandu Fitness in early 2015 because she was gaining weight and while she was working out didn’t have the laser focus on stay in magazine and TV ready shape.

Initially, she weighed in at 139lbs. After talking with Coach Dave and working out a complete nutrition and exercise plan Anna has steadily made progress on achieving a lean and fit looking physique.

Now with the help of healthy eating, nutrition tracking and workouts at Kandu Fitness (and exercise programs for when she’s traveling to photo shoots and events) Anna has managed to settle in at a fit 125lbs for the past few months. Now her focus is maintaining that lean and mean physique year round instead of bouncing up and down with her weight. This can be especially hard with the amount of travel she does but with all of her hard work it’s definitely paid off.

At the gym Anna is kicking butt with some great results. She regularly does the “RX” workouts at Kandu Fitness and often uses more weight (especially with the legs) to build strength and help ramp up her metabolism. With cardio we have her doing mostly HITT type training that promotes intervals and higher intensity work rather than long slow cardio. This approach has allowed Anna to get in one or two shorter workouts each day.

Since she has been a member of Kandu Fitness she has started working as the Magna Flow spokesperson, has appeared on the reality TV show Nuestra Belleza Latina on the Univision network, and continues to represent a number of companies as their representative in both print media, online and on Television.
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