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Success Story: Mike


I had been pretty active growing up playing sports all my life. During high school I played baseball and basketball, and I even joined adult leagues throughout college. After college I would still play every now and then but not nearly as much as I would have liked to. Playing sports became harder because I was getting injured more often (I have really bad ankles).

After college I got an office job with an insurance company analysing data and managing accounts. With the new job I would still play sport every now and then, but not nearly as much as I was used to. When I did play, I found it harder and harder as I was getting injured more often and my cardio simply wasn’t very good anymore.

I went in for a physical and the doctor said I was on the verge of high blood pressure and with my lack of activity I was at least 30lbs overweight. As high blood pressure runs in my family I vowed that I would correct this before it became a real health problem that led to future problems.

I tried joining your typical gym and even doing the workout videos. I found them boring and just not getting the results I was looking for. Then I tried just running every day. This worked for cardio but I wasn’t burning fat fast nor was I gaining any muscle.

This is when I started to look for gyms that offered instruction and group type classes as that’s what I really wanted. I found an ad for Kandu Fitness and my girlfriend and I tried it out.

When I first started I could barely get through the WOD (without even using the recommended weight). Now I can do the entire WOD using more than the recommended (RX) weight and often stay around for OT (overtime: which can be anything from extra pull-ups to sled pushing and anything in between).

After a couple months at Kandu people noticed I lost a lot of weight and was gaining muscle. I definitely feel a lot healthier. My latest physical showed my blood pressure was back to normal and I can say that it was from going to Kandu.

Since I joined Kandu I’ve lost a little more than 30 pounds and gained a ton of strength. I am currently stronger than I had ever been previously.

I think the key to success, at least in my case is being consistent. I tend to go at least 4 days a week and have found that I get my best results when I’m super consistent. At first I didn’t want to share my goals with anyone, but I would recommend you share your goals and training experience with the coaches as they can modify your workout to any level or ability.

Overall results are what keeps me coming back. I tried other gyms and the videos, but I didn’t get the results I wanted. A couple of months here, and I saw and felt the results. I stay motivated because Coach Dave and the rest of the members encourage me to get better and stronger, which I really like. Everyone is there to get a good workout in and have some fun.

I especially like that the WOD changes daily. You never get bored with the workout. It really feels like you have your own personal trainer in a group setting.

The price is reasonable. I’ve seen some CrossFit gyms that cost a lot more than Kandu for about the same type of workout. For me I am willing to pay the price to see the results.

For now my goal is to be “that guy” who looks super fit and healthy….and I want to do a sprint triathlon at some point. I think now that I take care of my body by working out often I eat healthier and am just more health conscious in the life decisions I make.

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