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Why Yoga?

Why Yoga?

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Hockeyyoga53Because yoga helps you achieve a more balanced body.

I know what you’re thinking: “But I’m not flexible,” or “I already workout and stretch.” There are those who say, “I’m not fit enough yet,” or “I’m already fit and yoga is boring.”

Well, it’s time to dismiss the excuses and try it already because YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE. That’s the beauty of yoga. There is a style of practice and sequence of postures to suit everyone. No matter who you are, yoga meets you where you’re at – whether you’re an athlete or just beginning a fitness routine.  Variations in poses and ranges of motion can be customized to anyone.  Whatever your strengths and limitations are; you develop your yoga practice and make it your own. It will not be easy the first time you take class, but keep coming and all the pieces will come together and you’ll always walk away feeling great.

Every kind of physical activity challenges the body in a different way – getting a variety of activity will have you feeling your best. Yoga improves flexibility and mobility, releases muscular/joint tension, strengthens the core muscles, and improves balance. But wait, there’s more! Yoga is a holistic practice that addresses both mind and body. Breathing is vital to the yoga practice, and yogis know that the breath is the bridge between mind and body. Yoga clears and focuses the mind, reduces stress, calming both mind and body through the breath. So many benefits – plus, it’s fun and makes you feel good!

We have classes on Saturday mornings at 7am lead by Coach Jessie, right before the TEAM WOD workout at 8am.

See you on the mat.  Namaste!

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