The Kandu Story

We started Kandu Fitness in 2012 as an alternative to local CrossFit’s, big chain fitness classes and Bootcamps because none of them fit the vibe or vision of Strength Coach/Owner David Pollitt. The goal was to create a place that people could workout in a clean, comfortable, judgement free place and get unbelievable results with other like minded awesome people. Our average class size is 8 people per class, the average member is 37 years old and we have a pretty even mix of males (46%) to females (54%). We even play great music. Most importantly, we have a great group of members who work hard, encourage each other and contribute to the great spirit at Kandu.

In terms of Kandu Fitness as a company, we have a dedicated group of coaches who actually give a fuck about you!  We greet you as you enter, talk to you before each workout, find out if you need anything or if we can help in any way...and then after the tough but fun workout we say goodbye. We get all of that done in just 55 we won’t waste your time on the road to fitness.

Join the great community at Kandu Fitness and
start enjoying your workouts!  

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